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Pre-Treating Stains – Leave Cooking to the Chefs

I’ve heard it countless times: “I got this stain and tried putting baby powder… club soda… a bottle of red wine… on it, and I couldn’t get it out, can you help me?” Every time I hear this, I think to myself, “WHY!?! Now I have to undo your handiwork, and then hope that I’m still able to remove the original stain!” Please, leave the stain fighting to the professionals. The fact is that different stains have different chemical compositions, and require very different solutions for removal. And for many stains, applying the wrong solution will induce oxidation, a chemical reaction that sets the stain – making it very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove (while applying the correct solution from the start would have easily removed the stain). For example, trying to wash out a cooking oil stain with water, or treating a wine stain as if it were blood, both induce oxidation reactions. So, if your glass of red wine splashes on your white shirt while you recount how you slayed dragons at work today, the best course of action would be to dab it gently with a clean white towel to remove as much of the liquid as possible (don’t rub! It could cause permanent damage to the fabric). Then bring it to our attention within the next few days. The earlier we are able to work on the stain, the better our chance is of removing it completely (stains also oxidize as time passes). Of course we will try our absolute best to restore any garment that is pre-worked at home, but to allow for the best possible odds of success, it’s best to leave the stain slaying to us!